EPOPA was implemented by Agro Eco and Grolink 1997-2008.


epopa newsletter

The EPOPA newsletter aimed to present a close view of what was going on in the different projects of the programme. People from the different countries, projects and organisations present their own stories.

New projects, new reports were all presented in every issue along with the EPOPA calendar.

A new form of communication is planned for after the EPOPA program but not decided on yet. All those that were subscribers of the EPOPA newsletter will be included in the send list.


No. 10 (PDF 666 kb)
No. 9 (PDF 573 kb)
No. 8 (PDF 474 kb)

No. 7 (PDF 601 kb)
No. 6 (PDF 578 kB)

No. 5 (PDF 943 kB)
No. 4 (PDF 653 kB)
No. 3 (PDF 885 kB)
No. 2 (PDF 497 kB)
No. 1 (PDF 745 kB)



EPOPA Newsletter was published by the Sida programme Export Promotion of Organic Products in Africa (EPOPA).

The newsletter was published four times per year and distributed to project staff, partners, and other persons interested in EPOPA.

Editor: Kolbjörn Örjavik
Email: kolbjorn @ grolink.se


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