Together with ECON in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Grolink managed the Sida initiated project “development of organic agriculture in Bosnia and Herzegovina” or BiHOP – Bosnia i Hercegovina Organic Production, as we called it.

Phase one of the project extended from May 2001 to 31 December 2002. Phase 2 stretched from Jan 2003 to Dec 2005. The project intended to initiate a development of organic agriculture in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The main focus points were:

To stimulate market oriented organic production
To initiate the development of the needed institutional framework for future development.
To increase know-how and general awareness about organic agriculture

Production and Markets
11 individual farms, 5 bee keepers, 5 grower groups (103 farmers), 12 wild operations (most of them are also processors) organising 6000 collectors and 2 food processors have reached organic certification through the project. Another 50 farms have received advisory support from the project or other forms of support.

Development of exports of organic products, reaching approximately a value of 1 million Euro at the end of the project.

Initiation of local marketing with pilot shops and other marketing channels.

– the foundation and establishment of Organska Kontrola a
domestic certification body with trained staff and an
operational certification system, ready to apply for
international accreditation
– the adoption of BiH standard for organic agriculture
– the foundation of the association APOP – Asociacija
Proizvodaca Organskih Proizvoda.

Know-how and awareness
– radically increased awareness of organic agriculture
on all levels
– a dozen of trained advisers for organic agriculture
– participating companies and farmers gained a lot
of knowledge.